Acceptance: a Notice from SGS to the Trader confirming the Application has been accepted

Application : an application made by a Trader to SGS for a Trade Stand at an Event in the form prescribed from time to time by SGS

Balance: the balance of the Fee as set out on the Application

Deposit: the amount to be paid by the Trader to SGS on submitting an Application in respect of deposit and advertising/marketing as set out on the Application

Event: the event to be held at the Showground as described in an Application

Fee: the sum(s) due from the Trader to SGS in accordance with an Application and which include the Deposit, the Balance and any marketing/advertising fee together with any applicable interest

Notice: a notice from one party to another

Pass(es): a pass or passes issued by SGS to a Trader for the Trader and its nominee(s) to have access to the Showground for an Event

Payment Date(s): the dates for payment of each element of the Fee as set out on the Application

Regulations: the regulations published by SGS from time to time on the Website

SGS: East of England Showground Services Limited a company registered in England and Wales with number 990944 whose registered office is at The Showground, Alwalton, Peterborough, PE2 6XE

Showground: the East of England Showground Alwalton Peterborough PE2 6XE

Terms: these terms and conditions, the contents of an accepted Application and the Regulations

Trader:  person or entity submitting an Application and named on that Application

Trade Stand: a trade stand installed at an Event pursuant to an Application

Website: the SGS website ( or relevant section ) which relates to the Event which is the subject of an Application and which is described on an Application

Provisions incorporated in the Terms:

  1. All Applications are made on the basis that the Terms apply
  2. There shall be no contract for a Trade Stand between a Trader and SGS until SGS has given Acceptance and SGS will either
    1. 2.1.give Acceptance within 21 days of receipt of a valid Application or
    2. 2.2.confirm that no Acceptance is given and in which event any Deposit paid by cleared funds will be repaid to the payer
  3. For an Application to be valid it MUST be accompanied by a Deposit and sums due in respect of marketing/advertising options chosen by the Trader on an Application and payment must be made in one of the ways set out on the Application. Deposits are not repayable in any circumstances.
  4. The Fee and every element of it MUST be paid on the Payment Date(s) by one of the ways set out on the Application and time shall be of the essence.
  5. Interest shall be added to any Fee or element of the Fee not paid on the correct Payment Date(s) at a rate of 4% per annum above the base rate of Barclays Bank plc from the due date until paid
  6. If any part of the Fee has not been paid by the relevant Payment Date then the Trader will NOT be allowed to attend the Event which is the subject of the Application unless expressly given permission by Notice given by SGS BEFORE the date of the Event. Such attendance in those circumstances will be in the absolute discretion of SGS and on such terms as it shall decide. If the Trader attends following such a Notice then it will be deemed to have incorporated any terms of such a Notice into the Terms
  7. Admission to an Event of the Trader and any Trader’s vehicles is strictly by Pass ( es). The number of Passes shall be for two vehicles unless otherwise provided on an Application. SGS agrees to issue the Passes in advance of the Event but ONLY if all Fees have been paid on the Payment Date(s).
  8. A Trader may cancel an Application by Notice given not later than the deadline date for the Event to which the Application relates (Just Dogs Live, 18th May 2018 OR Equifest, 15th June 2018). In the absence of such a cancellation the full Fee shall remain due on the Payment Date(s). Paragraph 3 applies to the Deposit in any event
  9. Trade Stands shall occupy such pitch as is allocated by SGS and shall not be moved or relocated without express authority or direction of SGS
  10. The use of a Trade Stand  and any allocated pitch is personal to the Trader named in the Application
  11. The Trader must maintain its Trade Stand open for business or enquiry  at an Event until the time declared by SGS as being the end of the Event
  12. All chattels brought onto the Showground by the Trader are at the risk of the Trader who shall make appropriate arrangements for their security and insurance.
  13. The Trader shall undertake an appropriate risk assessment and be prepared to produce this to SGS at any time after the Acceptance to the conclusion of the Event
  14. The Trader shall have public liability insurance with a minimum liability limit of £2,000,000 and shall produce evidence of that upon request made by SGS
  15. SGS shall be entitled to assume that the signatory to the Application had authority to bind the Trader and if there is any successful challenge to that authority, the person or entity purporting to sign on behalf of the Trader accepts personal responsibility for performing the obligations of the Trader as set out on that Application.
  16. Any Notice to be given by a Trader to SGS shall only be valid if given by e mail to Any Notice to be given by SGS to the Trader shall only be valid if given by e mail to the e mail address given on the Application or if there is no such address then given by letter to the correspondence address set out on the Application or otherwise given to SGS by the Trader
  17. There shall be no variation to the Terms unless agreed in writing signed by the Trader and SGS
  18. The Contracts ( Rights of Third Parties ) Act 1999 is excluded in relation to the Terms

Specific trade stand regulations can be found on the following websites:,,