New children's event launched at East of England Arena

East of England Arena and Events Centre has announced the launch of a new show at the venue next year, The Peterborough Kids’ Fest, 8-9 February 2020, taking place inside the 4600m2 arena building. Featuring dozens of attractions for children aged 1-14, of all abilities, the event aims to provide a full day of entertainment, creativity, physical activities and stimulation for children, and even boasts an adults creche where parents can safely be left and looked after.

The Peterborough Kids’ Fest is organised by husband and wife team Mike & Kim Rossiter who came up with the festival after they struggled to find an event suitable for their growing family. Kim said, “We started The Kids’ Fest because we couldn’t find any events locally that are solely focussed on the children. There are lots of festivals and events out there that are child-friendly, but nothing that is 100% about their fun, enjoyment and learning. We’ve scoured the county, region and country to bring the very best activities, workshops and entertainers to Kids Fest. We hope everyone will be as excited by what we’ve found as we are!”

Mike added, “Two things were important to us when devising The Peterborough Kids’ Fest. The first was that every activity would be free once you are inside, and the second was that everyone will be welcome and catered for. We are a fully inclusive festival and are making special provisions, such as a quiet tent, so all children can be included in the fun.”

Dean Rees, business development manager, East of England Arena, welcomed the new event to the venue, saying, "I'm delighted that Hot Pink Events has chosen the Arena to launch this new festival, and I'm certain it will be very popular with families all over the region looking to have a great day out in the depths of winter."