East of England Arena welcomes flagship antiques event

The biannual Peterborough Festival of Antiques, April 10-11, 2020, will be opening its first edition of the show for 2020 at the East of England Arena, bringing hundreds of dealers and an estimated 15,000 visitors to the venue.

The festival, organised by International Antiques & Collectors Fairs (IACF) has been held at East of England Arena since 1999, and over the course of the last two decades has become one of the largest antiques fairs in Europe.

Dean Rees, East of England Arena's business development manager, was pleased to welcome the festival back for its 21st year, saying, "The Peterborough Festival of Antiques has become a flagship event for the antiques market, and we’re looking forward to helping IACF develop this world-class event into the future.”

Will Thomas, managing director of IACF, added, "The Peterborough Festival of Antiques has reached an international audience, due in part to being able to expand into the plentiful and well-serviced facilities here at the Arena.”