Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Corporate Christmas Party

Whether it’s smart casual, black tie or fancy dress, a corporate Christmas party should be designed around your employee’s ultimate enjoyment. To ensure that your staff and guests remember your event above all others, below is a guide for planning the perfect festive celebration for your business.

Choose the right venue

First things first, you need an environment that perfectly suits your style of event. Whether it’s a three-course meal, open-plan gathering or disco format, there are multiple venues in Peterborough and the surrounding area that offer a range of layouts, capacities and formats.

Treat your staff

Knowing your staff on a personal level not only helps workflow in the office, it also gives insight into the kind of event they will appreciate the most. Some teams love games and activities, so you could incorporate anything from table-top puzzles to a wider theme into your corporate Christmas party. Good examples are murder mystery, dance competitions, adult-size ball pits – whatever you think will go down best.

Alternatively, it might be that a gala style of event or a pop-up craft beer bar fit the bill much better. Whatever the case, your activity can be designed around your staff’s input – maybe you could invite them to vote for their favourite option beforehand?

Keep them entertained

Every corporate Christmas party needs ambience, so you definitely need to book some entertainment. You can’t go wrong with a band or a DJ, but if you want to be more creative think along the lines of a comedian, inspirational speaker, or a local sportsperson who can invite staff to take part in a miniature indoor match.

Capture the moment

Photography is a must for a festive event, as your employees will love being able to relive their partying through a range of snaps. A professional photographer is an excellent idea, plus you could book a creative photobooth that comes with costumes, props and digital backdrops. The more interactive and fun the photography, the more likely staff who don’t usually work together will mingle and get to know each other better.

Surprise them!

There’s always room for more customisation and spectacle. How about hiring a mixologist to create cocktails named after members of the managerial team, or a surprise karaoke to keep spirits up? You could also give out awards for special achievements from the past year, and make sure that no one goes home empty-handed by handing out goodie bags or hangover kits at the end. 

Share the celebration

After the party, it’s a good idea to send approved images to your colleagues and encourage them to share them online. This could be done through a Google Drive or Dropbox folder, making it easy for all staff to access and download the files. 

If they share them on social media, by asking them to tag in the accounts of your company and the venue (as well as any caterers and other professionals where applicable), you can reach much wider audiences and show the world how amazing your corporate Christmas parties are!