Showgrounds Supplies

For a festival organiser looking for a festival venue, you need to establish what is already provided for you on the site and what you need to bring yourself. Addressing a greenfield site, the facilities and infrastructure already there is usually very minimal, with no roadways, no water supply appropriate number of visitors and little or no power, meaning it is your responsibility to build efficient and effective infrastructure before a festival is even possible. 

Water Supplies

Water is a crucial aspect of all events. In summer months, it is vital to have an appropriate amount of water stations and wash facilities. On a barren greenfield site, you will need to import water bowsers. At times this has led to unreliable water supplies not built for the capacity of people they are intended for. A temporary water supply system should be planned and designed so as to meet such a fluctuation of water demand without compromising quality, unlike Glastonbury 2019 where showers had to be closed, leaving festival-goers to endure record heat without shower facilities. 

Event venue, like Showgrounds, already have the infrastructure in place such as outdoor water standpipes which can be utilised for catering units and onsite camping. 

East of England Arena

Site side water supply including 150 stand pipes and capacity for additional temporary standpipes to be installed. 

Problems with generators  

Another major factor of a successful infrastructure is power. Greenfield sites rely largely on bringing in their own power generators, but emissions from static diesel generators at events are equivalent to adding 220,000 additional cars to the road every day.

With rising fuel costs and increasing awareness of sustainability initiatives, the festival industry should be expanding its knowledge and understanding of sustainable power at festivals. For the organisers, every litre of diesel not used is saving money and contributing to the fight against climate change. Further findings have indicated that events in green spaces have poorer air quality than urban areas. The effects of generators can be decreased by using mains or grid power, especially in urban areas. 

For festival organisers recognising the environmental impact their festivals are having, they must acknowledge the implementation of more sustainable strategies. 

The majority of event venues, like Showgrounds, offer power onsite, including 3 phase to all outdoor areas. As a festival organiser, you are able to use the power boxes placed around the site. Not only does this mean you do not have to bring in your own diesel-powered generators, but it also means you are able to save on cost. Festival acts are able to arrive on-site and ‘plug and play’.