How to Host the Perfect Company Christmas Party

It’s time to start planning your company Christmas party, so here are some tips to make it a huge success from start to finish.

Greet every guest

There’s nothing more heart-warming than a friendly welcome when you arrive at a Christmas party, so make sure that every single one of your guests receives one. Whether you shake them by the hand, introduce them to co-workers they haven’t met yet, or present them with a celebratory cocktail the moment they enter the building, you’ll put them in the festive spirit from the very beginning.

Personalise the experience

Personalisation is a really fun way to make a company Christmas party extra special. This can take any form you wish, but if you’re stuck for ideas we suggest having balloons printed with employee’s faces. You could even make a photo wall that shares snapshots of achievements, team days and funny moments from over the years, which also invites people on a trip down memory lane and celebrates your company’s progression. 

Cater to different tastes

In terms of food, it’s important to have something for the vegetarians and vegans as well as the meat eaters, plus you should check to see if staff have any other specific dietary requirements beforehand. 

Catering to different tastes goes beyond the taste buds though, as it also means making it a fun environment for dancefloor demons and wall flowers alike. As long as you give everyone an option that makes them feel comfortable, they’ll all enjoy themselves throughout the night.

Capture the moment

Every party needs photography! Back in the day, companies would place a disposable camera on each table but things have moved on a lot since then. If you’re leaving people to take photos with their phones, make sure to have plenty of areas designed as selfie spots, such as colourful backdrops and artificial foliage installed for the evening. 

However, we suggest that you also splash out and book a professional photographer to take shots of the merrymakers, or a photobooth where people can take their own funny snaps with costumes and props.

Give out gifts 

You know how to put on a shindig that no one will ever forget, but why not give everyone something to enjoy afterwards too? Depending on your budget, this could be something like a bottle of wine or a box of sweets. Independent chocolatiers are a strong option here, as they can create small selections and wrap them up in an attractive gift box. Locally produced spirits or non-alcoholic tipples are a good shout too, or you could prepare your guests for New Year’s Eve with sparklers and a bottle of Prosecco. 

If you want something truly unique, check out websites such as and search for “party bag fillers”. And then of course there’s the hangover kit – a sleep mask, ibuprofen, energy drink and some lip balm could make all the difference to your employees’ post-party experience.