As visitors arrive at your festival, expensive tickets in hand, and survey the scene, they’re going to be looking to see whether the cost has been justified, judging your event by its size, sophistication and the quality of facilities.

As a festival organiser, you have to pay to hire the site, put up the fencing, build the stage, lay on water, electricity and waste management, security and much more. The bigger the audience, the more variety of acts, the more amenities and entertainment you want to put on, the greater the costs. With a good management team, this can all be organised in time for your festival, however, it cannot all be set up by hand. 

How much equipment is needed for a festival

Festivals require a huge amount and variety of equipment in order to set the venue up and make it a success. Most festival sites are literally fields in the middle of nowhere. With no utilities and stringent legislation, a lot of expenditure must go into the set-up of the festival. When hosting a festival on a greenfield location, all of the infrastructure and equipment needs to be imported rather than having it on hand already. The “greener” the site is, the more infrastructure that needs to be brought in and set up.  Furthermore, hiring equipment and having it transported to the location means more fuel is being used. A greener location for your festival does not mean it is a more environmental festival. 

Equipment a Showground has


East of England Showground

Rough Terrain Forklift


Massey Tractors 

x2 ✓

New Holland Tractor 

Schmidt Swingo Street Cleansing 



In comparison, Showgrounds are built and designed for hosting events. 

A  Showground has the majority of infrastructure already on site. However, that does not mean it is 100% fit for a festival, you may still need to bring in and set up a significant quantity of equipment. The table above highlights the collection of vehicles and machinery that showgrounds like East of England are able to provide. Choosing a showground as your venue, as opposed to a greenfield site, means avoiding the majority of equipment costs, depending on the provision available. As the equipment is owned by the showground they already have qualified staff driving and using these vehicles.

Choosing a showground as a festival venue means you can take advantage of equipment and personnel on-site, avoiding a great deal of cost, liability and responsibility.