9 Tips for Planning Your Company Christmas Party

Time to plan your company Christmas party? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a nine-point checklist to ensure that everything runs smoothly and results in a fantastic celebration!

Where will it be and what style?

First of all, you need to work out how many people will be attending. A small business may invite a dozen team members, whereas a national company could have hundreds of staff and clients, which necessitates a venue with a larger capacity. Once you have a rough total, it’s time to find an events space that will accommodate you perfectly.

At the same time, it’s important to decide on the style of event, as this will affect the type of venue as well. For instance, a party with a live band would benefit from a decent sized dance floor, whilst a three-course dinner needs space for multiple tables.

What’s the timeframe?

Now it’s time to list everything you need for the company Christmas party to be a huge success, and with this comes a range of timeframes and deadlines. Prime examples are catering, which if being sourced through a third party will need to be booked well in advance, plus the ordering of any furnishings and finishing touches, to be delivered at the best possible time.

How much can you spend?

This is a crucial element, as overbudgeting will give your finance team a headache and underbudgeting could mean missing out on exciting features. When creating a budget, you also need to make sure that all guests are factored in, as you wouldn’t want someone not receiving their dessert!

Who’s attending?

Writing a guest list might be a very easy task, as it could be that it’s simply your staff who will be attending. Even so, you need to guarantee that everyone knows about the event by emailing them, giving occasional reminders, and perhaps placing a flyer in the staff kitchen.

If you’re inviting other people, such as clients, suppliers, collaborators and representatives from charities that your company supports, it’s essential that they’re given plenty of notice so that they can fit your party into their busy calendars.

What will they wear?

What would be the most appropriate thing for people to wear at your company Christmas party? Are you thinking smart casual or something more glamorous? Is there a theme or a fancy dress code, or is it a black tie gala style of ceremony? Making this clear to all guests at least a month in advance is important, as that way they have plenty of time to prepare (and no one will turn up as Fred Flintstone when everyone else is in regular clothes).

Can you do it all yourself?

A company Christmas party is an excellent opportunity to really treat your employees and wow a few clients. You’ve already sorted out the venue, catering and entertainment, but what about the surroundings, the décor, the ambience? This is where professional technicians and creatives come in very handy.

From an AV company that will design elements such as stage, sound and lighting around your vision, to an experienced photographer to capture every moment (which is great for your company’s social media afterwards), have a think about who can help to make your night super slick. 

Is there a wow factor?

Many venues will have most of the things you need for the event, such as tables, chairs, a bar, a welcome desk and table decorations. However, the wider space might look even better with specially designed installations, such as branded signage, selfie stations, plant and flower arrangements, and maybe some zany additions such as giant Jenga and experiential installations by an innovative creative agency.

Who will be speaking?

A company Christmas party definitely benefits from a speech or two. Will this be by a member of the managerial team or are you inviting a celebrity, such as a sportsperson, motivational speaker or even someone off the telly?

What will they take home?

Your company Christmas party is the perfect time to give your staff a little extra something to show how much you value them. This might be luxury chocolates or a bottle of champagne, which will always go down a treat, plus you could double the event as an awards ceremony and reward individual accomplishments.