5 Ways to Have a Great Family Christmas Party in Peterborough

Getting family and friends together for a Christmas party is always great fun and a brilliant way to make happy memories. Peterborough has multiple venues that are ideal for a festive celebration, so all you need to do is work out what kind of format the event will take. Below are some tips for organising the perfect family Christmas party in Peterborough.

Make a guest list

The best way to begin is by making a guest list, as this will help you to decide on the venue and budget. You’ll probably also find that there are more people who need inviting than you originally anticipated, so a list allows you to decide on a solid number before you do anything else. 

Don’t forget that some of the younger people on the list may now have a partner that they’d like to bring along with them, so make it clear whether or not this is an option for them.

Book the right venue

The type of venue you choose will have a huge impact on your family Christmas party. First of all, it might be that you want to join an event that’s open to the public, such as dinner and entertainment, or book your own private space. Then there’s the catering, décor and layout, which vary enormously depending on which venue you book. 

Have a think about what your main requirements are, then check a few venue websites to see which one ticks all the boxes within your budget. Booking an established venue is always a good idea too, as the team will be highly trained and know exactly how to make your party run smoothly.

Pick a format, style or theme

There are so many options when it comes to family Christmas parties. You could have a three-course meal or a wide-ranging buffet, hire a local band or a popular DJ, focus on chatting and mingling or provide ample room for games and dancing, plus anything else that you think should be included. 

On top of this, it could be that guests can wear whatever they want, or maybe you’d like a more stylish gathering, where everyone puts on their glad rags and glams up for the occasion. Then of course there’s the good old fancy dress party, which can be tons of fun and you could even give out prizes for the best costumes.

Find a caterer

If you’re having food at the party, you need to book a caterer in advance. An easy solution is to use the venue’s in-house catering team, but there’s also the option to hire an independent company to supply a buffet or save your pennies and prepare it yourself. Whatever the case, you’ll need to check with the venue first and keep them in the loop.

Thank your guests

A family Christmas party is a brilliant opportunity to give out some additional gifts. Party bags may work well, as you can put them together yourself whilst sticking to a budget, plus you can have different types for adults and children. 

Alternatively, you can save time by buying boxes of chocolates or bottles of fizz in bulk and placing them on a table for when your guests leave. Whichever style you choose, a parting gift will always go down a treat!